On May 19th, along with the arrival of China Tourism Day, the third rural food festival in the Chongdugou Scenic Spot in Suichuan County opened its feast in the cheers of ten thousand people.
The tofu feast was the first meal of the food festival. The live action was full, 10 cauldrons lined up and steamed. Ten “Tofu Shih Tzu” walked with warm bean curd wandering like clouds.
The cheongsam show of Chinese style has also added a beautiful scene to the scene. Eighteen middle-aged women dressed in elegant cheongsam danced to give a visual impact.

The Tofu Contest has added great fun to the Food Festival. According to the rules of the contest, there are lovers, boys and girls groups. The fastest to eat the prescribed tofu can get rich rewards, and the devoured people laughed and leaned forward. Despite the drizzle, the weather did not affect the hot atmosphere of the event. Under the sky and the bamboo sea, beside the small stream, you can enjoy the drizzle and taste of delicious food.

Dudugou Tofu is the most famous local snack. The tofu selection is strict, the processing is fine, and is matched with the local natural moringo pulp. Therefore, the tofu texture is delicate and tender, the ribs are soft and delicious, and they are accompanied by green and red peppers. The color is fragrant, and it is always appreciated by people. At the beginning of the production of tofu, the use of high-quality mountain springs rich in minerals and trace elements beneficial to the human body in the Dudu Valley, together with high-altitude, uncontaminated, and long-growing soybeans, was used to infuse them. Groat bean curd must not be parodyed or copied with unique features. It is this feature that makes the tofu taste better and more delicious. The scene of the event not only allows visitors to taste the delicious tofu, but also witnessed the entire process of making tofu, so that visitors on the scene greatly praised!
In recent years, with the rise of the tourism industry, the Chongduou Scenic Area has continuously innovated its service concept, continuously innovated its marketing methods, and continuously improved its innovation model. Since 2016, it has been holding a rural food festival and has won high praise from tourists both inside and outside the province. This food festival is based on the successful experiences of the last two food festivals, and better integrates food culture, tourist and leisure culture, and native culture of Yeoncheon. The scale is grand and the level is higher. It is a grand food culture. Festival activities.
It is reported that in the rural area of ​​the Chongdugou Rural Food Festival, there are two villages in the countryside. Tens of thousands of people took a “dirt” feast on May 26th. The topic is “soil” and starts with the selection of the two most representative rural cuisines in the region. Flour and lotus root, these two kinds of food have a strong local flavor, not high-end atmosphere, but it is widely known, although it is soil, but healthy, delicious, starting from the “earth”, set foot in the grounding gas, countryside, health, It is also the essence of the Dudugou Rural Food Festival.
Liu Haifeng, general manager of the Dudugou Scenic Area, told the media that the organizing of the Rural Food Festival is to allow visitors to see the intoxicating beauty in the Chongdugou, as well as to enjoy a high-grade gourmet meal that will make the four-party tourist even more attractive. Learn about the native customs of Suichuan. At the same time, we are committed to providing more value-added services and surprises for tourists, creating a healthy, uplifting and auspicious atmosphere for tourists, and creating a good atmosphere for the leap forward, image display and brand promotion.

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