Some people say that the romance of spring begins with a rain. I think the romance of spring begins with a touch of green, and spring should be immersed in the green sea. Xiaobian recommend to you a good place to see the sea – Gushi. What Gushi has the sea? Where? You will be out of this, to Gushi West Jiuhuashan to see the bamboo sea, tea sea, sea of flowers, sea of Buddha!

Bamboo Sea articles

Into the West Kowloon Huashan, ascending to telescope, there is a kind of “list of small hills,” the magnificent and heroic. Look at the layers of bamboo forest waves, immersed in Yunju Yunshu. Forget all the unhappiness and enjoy the moment as much as you can, fully integrate into this world and wash your breasts.

The observation center of the conference center can be overlooked by being tired. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of the bamboo, you can follow the Yingfeng breeze and catch the bamboo incense hidden in the wind. Bathe the warm sun of spring day and feel comfortable. In the evening, you will feel that the whole day will be so pleasant, and you will see bamboo, bamboo, and bamboo.

In the undulating tea sea of West Kowloon Huashan, take a deep breath of natural tea and feel natural charm. Put yourself in this green sea and have forgotten all the world. The momentary emptiness may be the highest baptism of the 10,000-mu Chahai to the exiled souls, washing away the grime of this life. I think this may be the tea plantation’s seductive place.

Sea of Flowers
Spring breeze, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring water. Chun Yin Meng, spring thick, full of spring flowers open. Another year of flower viewing season, we walked into the colorful sea of flowers to see the spring water born. The spring forest is beginning to bloom. The spring breeze is ten miles away. Nearly a million tulips in the park are open one after another. The sea of flowers stretches in a wavy form and walks in the center of Huahai. The beautiful photos of those friends who have broken the circle of friends can be restored. Don’t forget to bring the camera!
Buddha Sea
Myoko Temple was built in Yuki and has a long history. According to legend, it is a dojo of the Jizo Bodhisattva. The incense to the Myoko Temple can protect the family and be happy. Entering the Mystery Temple to light your own heart and light your own heart light, you can get the blessings of the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva to gain wisdom and happiness.

Near the Myoko Temple, there is a place where the pure meditation is Zen, Yee Wo. Here is located deep in the mountains, far away from the dusty, even if the irritated heart will settle in a clean and simple Zen style. The scenery outside the window is dreamlike and surrounded by mountains. Close your eyes and sit in it. Zen Yee and high-end private custom place, need to book in advance!

Folk articles
The folk experience tourism area covers an area of more than 100 acres, with the folk culture of southern Henan as the main tune. The panorama shows the folk culture of southern Henan. Visitors here can enjoy the wonderful performances of the folk performing arts stage, and can also experience hands-on farming and coarse grain processing. , Tea processing, grinding tofu, oil extraction, brewing, weaving, paper making, pottery making, bamboo willow preparation, making iron, making incense, pickles and other folk handicraft production process.
Landscape articles
The Dream Valley Landscape Gallery is a gorge area with a total length of about three kilometers. The Liumu River runs through the valley. There are six large waterfalls in the scenic area, of which the most famous is the Longtan Waterfall, which is spectacular and spectacular. The plant species in the valley are abundant. In the spring, many kinds of wild orchids are quietly open in the valley. The empty valleys are orchids and the fragrance is elegant. On the rocks, a tree shines in the wind, such as blossoming red clouds floating in the valley.

Self driving route:

· Nanjing, Hefei and Liu’an: Shanghai-Shanxi Expressway-(Guge, Henan Province) Chenlinzi Export–Chenlinzi Town-West Jiuhuashan

· Xinyang and Nanyang: Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway-(Gushi) Duanji Exit – Wumiao Town – West Jiuhuashan

· Wuhan: Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway – Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway – (Guge, Henan Province) Chenlinzi Export – Wumiao Town – West Jiuhuashan

· Zhengzhou direction: Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway-(Xinyang) Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway-(Gushi) Duanji Exit–Wumiao Town-West Jiuhuashan

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