The Zhengzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Zhong Yongjun, the city’s Archives Peng Zhichao librarian, Zhengzhou University, Dr. Xiangxiang Jin co-chaired the completion of the “building a national center of urban development strategy – to Zhengzhou City as an example, published by the Zhengzhou University Press. The publication of the book opened a new window for Zhengzhou City to promote the construction of the National Center City and provided a new perspective.

What are the advantages of building a national central city in Zhengzhou? What are the main shortcomings? What should be the focus in the next step? In response to these problems, Dr. Chang Zhanjun, deputy director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Zhengzhou City, in conjunction with the practice of building a national central city in Zhengzhou, talked about building a national center of urban development strategy research experience.

Open a new era and move toward a new journey

The Changzhan Army said that at the end of 2016, with the approval of the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission successively issued the “13th Five-Year Plan for Promoting the Rise of the Central Region” and the “Central Plains City Group Development Plan”. In early 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Supporting Zhengzhou Construction”. The Guiding Opinions of the National Central City has formed a policy system that supports Zhengzhou in building a national central city at the national level. This marks the enduring progress of Zhengzhou in a new historical starting point and opens up a new course for higher levels of cities in the national and global urban system.

With the deepening of global integration, the widespread use of Internet technologies, and the rapid development of air transport, profound changes are taking place in global production methods, trade patterns, and logistics systems, creating depth for Zhengzhou, an inland city with no borders, no coastal areas, no rivers along the river. Integrate into the historical conditions and rare opportunities in the international economic cycle. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 11th Municipal Party Committee of Zhengzhou proposed that the national central city will be fully established by 2030, and the international hub will become even more prominent. It will become an important innovation and entrepreneurship center in the country, become a modern international metropolis, and move toward a global city. Therefore, Zhengzhou shoulders the national strategic mission and serves the major national responsibility. It adheres to the guidance of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, forging ahead and making progress, intensifying reform and opening up, accelerating the pace of building a national center city, and writing a new one. A new chapter in the development of Zhengzhou Times.

“Building a National Center for Urban Development Strategy Study – Taking Zhengzhou City as an Example” was born out of the great practice of building a nationwide central city. It will inevitably continue to be enriched and developed with the new era of building a national center city. It is of great theoretical significance. And real value.

The mission is to congregate the people, and the journey encourages

The Chang war army said that in the face of the development trend of thousands of sails competing for battles, Zhengzhou must take on the historic mission of building a national center city, focus on the goals, and move forward, leading the integrated development of the Central Plains urban agglomeration and supporting the rise of the central region. And to serve the overall development of the country, to show new things and bloom new and exciting.

The first is the policy strategy: deepen reforms and promote innovation. Reform is the driving force for the construction of a national central city and must be preceded by policies. Therefore, Zhengzhou should give full play to its superposition of national strategic policies, further promote the transformation of government functions, reform and optimize the innovation policy system, accelerate the convergence of innovation and key resources, and promote reform, innovation, and development through openness, and provide policy impetus for Zhengzhou to build a national central city. .

The second is economic strategy: building a modern industrial system. Strong economic strength is the premise and foundation for building a national center city. Although the open economy in Zhengzhou has rapidly emerged in recent years, the economy is not the first place, the high-end factor resources are not strong, and the economic development volume, the level of scientific and technological innovation, and the use of regional radiation are not sufficient. Therefore, Zhengzhou is standing at a new historical starting point. It must seize opportunities for development, accelerate the pace of economic development, strengthen the advanced manufacturing industry, expand the modern service industry, cultivate and develop new economy, and promote high-end industrialization, intelligence, greenization, and services. It will create a stronger foundation for economic development for Zhengzhou to build a national central city.

The third is location strategy: build an international integrated hub city. Located in the center of the country, Zhengzhou is the core area where the East and the West meet and the North and the South pass through. It has obvious geographical advantages, a vast market in the hinterland, abundant human resources, and rich cultural heritage. It plays a decisive strategic role in the national regional development pattern. Zhengzhou respects the regional advantages in heaven and earth, the “three roads” in the air, land, and the online Silk Road, and strives to strengthen the aviation hub, consolidate and enhance the national railway hub, build an international multimodal logistics center, and build a hub type and functionality. , Networked modern comprehensive transportation system.

The fourth is to open up the strategy: to build a land of open economy inland. The country has positioned Zhengzhou as an important “Belt and Road” node city, endowed Zhengzhou with a logistic hub that connects China and the rest of the world and radiates east, west, and west, moving toward the goal of “buying the world and selling the world” and exploring ways for the inland areas to open wider to the outside world. The rise of Central China provides a major mission to support. In the face of the new situation of economic globalization, Zhengzhou must open up to the outside world in all directions, undertake the historic mission of building a new highland for inland development and opening up, and establish an important pivot for the opening up of the central and western regions. We must promote innovation through openness, promote openness through innovation, and vigorously develop the hub economy. The port economy, accelerating the cultivation of new advantages in international economic cooperation and competition, will continue to strengthen Zhengzhou’s strategic support for the “One Belt and One Road” and promote the hinterland of Central China to become an international open frontier.

Fifth is the development strategy: the construction of an international modern city. The National Development and Reform Commission pointed out in the “Guiding Opinions on Supporting Zhengzhou in Constructing a National Central City,” stating that Zhengzhou City must strive to build a national center city with innovation, humanistic charm, ecological wisdom, and openness and tolerance. As the core of the Central Plains urban agglomeration construction, Zhengzhou exerts its unique advantages in strategic position, political history, economic development, and cultural development, accelerates the pace of building a national center city, highlights the cultural characteristics of the Central Plains, and comprehensively enhances the quality of the city and the level of modernization.

Looking forward to a better future

The road to benefit is always good. The Changzhan Army said that Zhengzhou’s construction of a national central city is a long-term historic task and a powerful vehicle for promoting a new round of development in Zhengzhou. It needs to continue to deepen its advancement, lay a solid foundation for the construction of a national central city, and lead the Central Plains City. Group development, supporting the rise of Central China, serving the overall development of the country, participating in international competition in innovation and development, enhance development, and lead development.

The first is to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in a new era, accurately grasp the essence and scientific connotation of the party’s Nineteenth Congress, keep in mind the new mission, revitalize the new spirit, take the initiative, assume responsibilities, and comply with the requirements of the development of the new era. To solve the overall and long-term problems in the process of building a national central city, to move toward the goal of realizing a national central city, and to continue to write a new chapter in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The second is to put the construction of a national central city on a strategic priority for development, fully implement the national strategy for the construction of a national central city, and seize the Central Plains Economic Zone, Zhengzhou Airport Harbor Experimental Zone, Henan Free Trade Zone, Zhengzhou Luouo National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, etc. The major opportunities of the national strategy, give full play to the advantages of the “rice” shaped high-speed rail and international airports, speed up the construction of a modern industrial system, accelerate the economic and social development of Zhengzhou and open up in all directions, and strengthen the services, radiation and driving functions of Zhengzhou, leading The Central Plains urban agglomerations have accelerated their development, serving the overall situation in the country and the implementation of the “Belt and Road” strategy, and writing a new chapter for Zhengzhou to be more colorful.

The third is to unswervingly practice the concept of green development. The environment is people’s livelihood, Castle Peak is beautiful, and the blue sky is happiness. The report of the party’s Nineteenth Congress placed the construction of “beautiful China” in a more prominent position, integrated the promotion of green development with the grand blueprint for governance, and proposed a series of new requirements, new goals and new deployments for ecological civilization construction and environmental protection. Zhengzhou must firmly establish the concept of protecting the ecological environment is to protect productivity, improve the ecological environment is to develop the concept of productive forces, protect the ecological environment like the protection of the eyes, treat the ecological environment as the same as life, and more consciously promote green development, recycling development, low-carbon development, Continuously accumulate the “soft power” of cities guided by ecological construction, and strive to keep Qingshan green, water flowing, and new air constantly improving the people’s sense of the ecological environment. This is not only the specific implementation of the national strategy for the construction of a national central city, but also the social value of the “Strategic Study on the Development of a National Central City – Taking the Case of Zhengzhou City as an Example”.

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