Imagine Stephen Chow’s status in the entertainment industry. His films are generally very good at the box office, and there are also many actor who has become popular with him. Stephen Chow most likes to shoot movies with newcomers and can create strong movies. The remuneration is very low, and the effect of reappearance is also very good. Just like Lin Yun and Huang Shengyi are star girls, but one person rejected the invitation of Stephen Chow three times and paid a high price.

Zhou Xingchi’s movies are always the only ones to choose from. This is similar to the new director Wu Jing. The public praise at the box office is very good, but this one frequently refuses Stephen Chow. Stephen Chow instead of being angry, he is Ma Yun, I believe no one knows this name.

The relationship between Stephen Chow and Ma Yun is very good. Stephen Chow wanted to invite Ma Yun to play his own movie. It was only a guest, and Ma Yun said that if we made a movie, we would like to pay a good price. Stephen Chow: It’s not that it’s too expensive to calculate the pay in seconds.

Some people said that many of the guest players did not receive any money. It can be seen that the relationship between Ma Yun and Stephen Chow has not been as good as that. Also think about it, Ma Yun is busy every day, how can I have time to make a movie, have this time can make hundreds of millions of their own.

What do you think about this?

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