On May 29th, Chen Qiaoen sung a recent photo shoot on her Weibo. The style of Meizhao’s style is very literary and clean. She not only indicated that this was her most recent favorite style, but also announced it. His weight, 106 pounds, and said he has been losing weight, although the enemy camp on the road to weight loss is too strong, but she will never give up the United States.

106 pounds of Chen Qiaoen looks only 90 kilograms, may be born with a small face plus height advantage, avoid weaknesses. If it weren’t for Chen Qiaoen’s own public disclosure of his weight, everyone did not see how heavy she was. Chen Jen-en 106 pounds of 167 is actually not heavy, but her weight is even heavier than other female artists.

In order to lose weight, Chen Qiaoen did not suffer less, not only to eat the most hated vegetables, but also to resist the temptation of food. This road is comparable to weight loss to learn, hide the hamburger fried chicken, simmering over the cabbage porridge, there are pork with rice in the distance. Chen Qiaoen reduced weight to eat especially fat pork, must repulse.

Not only did Chen Qiaoen sacrifice herself to lose weight, but Lin Yun also lost weight. Every girl is a foodie. She has two stomachs. One eats a snack and one eats a dessert. Lin Yun also likes to eat snacks, but also in order to work for the lens was thin, only to eat low-fat low-calorie snacks. Lin Yun also stated that the target body is importantly lean to 88 pounds, and there are 3 pounds to reach the goal.

Slimming is a protracted war. Not only is it difficult for female artists to lose weight, male athletes are also on the road to losing weight. Pan Yueming finally lost a few kilograms of fat, to participate in the “long life” encountered a superb cooking Huang Lei teacher even, and Huang Lei also persuaded him to eat, has been advocating in front of his weight loss to eat nothing, and then face the temptation of food Others brainwashed, and lowered their heads on diet and food. Weight loss is a lifelong career and I look forward to Chen Qiaoen and Lin Yun thin down the United States and the United States.

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