People’s Daily Beijing May 29th, May 29th, Beijing People’s Arts first new drama in 2018 – small theater drama “Ikus” (also translated: Ma) new lineup formally Debut. “Ikus” is a classic drama written by the famous British contemporary playwright Peter Shaffer. This is the first time the show has been officially authorized in mainland China. The play was directed by Ban Zan, and was performed jointly by Wang Jiajun, He Jing, Zhang Fuyuan, Wu Shanshan, Li Zhen, and Wang Junrui. He will meet the audience at the Beijing People’s Experimental Theater on June 25.

Ikus Media Meet

The drama “Ikus” premiered successfully at the British National Theatre in London in 1973. After moving to Broadway, it created 1200 performance records and became one of the most successful stage works in Broadway history. Whether from the speculation of the play or the appreciation of the play, “Ikus” is a well-deserved theatrical classic, which has also become a major cause of director Benzan chose to direct this work. “Ikus” is a transliteration of the Latin Equus, meaning “horse” in Chinese. The play cuts from a bizarre juvenile wounded horse incident. Peeling the onions generally reveals the vulnerable and sensitive inner world of juvenile Allan and the tense relationship with the surrounding environment. The key question is asked by the psychiatrist. Who needs? Is it “cured”?

“This is a psycho-social problem drama that meets the contemporary audience’s aesthetic expectations and cares about the living dilemma and freedom of the soul of contemporary people.” Ban Zan said that “Ikus” was once The process of rehearsal is very difficult. In the expression of stage space-time structure, we try to integrate virtual, symbolic, and freehand Chinese aesthetics of opera and Brecht’s separation. In performance, it is necessary to give full play to the traditional advantages of Beijing Renyi’s creative creation and strive to innovate, combining the realistic and detailed psychological realism with the stage techniques of separation, expression, and symbolism. There are three layers of social atmosphere, family relations, and the reality of individual souls in the work of “Ikus”. Through all stage techniques, we will focus on demonstrating the composition of multiple contradictions among the characters, causing everyone to think differently from different perspectives. .

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This directed film, titled “Psychology Drama” and “Social Issues Drama,” has gathered three generations of actors from Beijing Arts and Art. In the past month’s rehearsal, each actor All feel that the role of this script and its interpretation is a problem and a challenge that must be addressed. As a young actor who has just entered the theater, Wang Jiajun will play an extremely important role in the play. He said that this play is the most challenging job he has ever received since he graduated from the middle of the opera to enter the work of Beijing Arts. He Jing, who plays the psychiatrist, candidly said that this character is very demanding of his ability. “It is still tangled up, and every day breaks the inherent performance methods and recombines. In the next month, we need to dig deep from the psychological level. Found the basis and image.”

From June 25 onwards, “Ikus” will be staged at the Beijing Renyi Experimental Theater. How to put the spiritual core of a classic psychological play on the Chinese stage, but in terms of performance techniques but also taking into account the aesthetic psychology and appreciation habits of the domestic audience, then the show will show everyone a deep thought and careful After scrutiny of the satisfactory answer.

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