On the evening of May 28th, Jane Zhang released a photo of her latest shape and accompanied the girl’s heart. Netizens have made their own associations. Some people think that Zhang Jianying is trying to express herself in the current state of the picture and restore her as a girl. She is suspected of responding to Feng Di’s divorce.

Zhang Zhaoying, as a mainland strength singer. His creative talent has always been the concern of the people. In recent years, he has entered the international market, singing songs for secrets and becoming a hot female singer, gaining extensive attention from foreign media. However, the talented woman’s emotional life is rather frustrating, and Jane Zhang has also suffered setbacks.

Famously affecting Zhang Jianying and Mr. Feng, not only did Zhang Jianying take the initiative to propose marriage, but her mother also opposed the marriage. It can be said that the whole country is not optimistic about this feeling, and they all think that Jane Zhang is in a disadvantageous position in her feelings. She thinks that she has wasted her great youth in a person who is not worth giving.

Some time ago, it was revealed that Zhang Yingying had already found out that she had divorced Feng Yi and revived herself. The news cheered the netizens and thought that Jane Zhang had finally left Feng Xiao and managed to get away. Not long ago, someone shot a group of Zhang Zhaoying and her new boyfriend’s hand-shot, although the actor in the photo made the netizen stunned, because it was the best man in Zhang Zhaoying’s wedding.

Zhang Yingying has not made her own response to divorce incidents and love events. Netizens also have their own opinions. However, looking at the status quo, it is not difficult to find that Jane Zhang continues to devote herself to her own concert and is happy to interact with netizen fans. It seems that she may have stepped out of her own divorce.

The pictures released late at night can reflect the mentality of her own girl. Perhaps this is the best response to her emotions? He said that she is now a young girl and she has resumed her own happiness. She has always been on the road of her own life. In actively preparing his own concert and starting to concentrate on his own album release preparations, he and his friend Zhang Jie performed their songs together. These are the best evidence that Zhang Haoying has declared to the world her life well.

Whatever Zhang’s emotional state is, she can live in the moment and enjoy her life as a little girl. Take a look at Jane Zhang will not suddenly give up the news of their love life.

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