In recent years, the prevailing phrase “It’s nothing to open a classmate, discrete one after another,” has turned the class meeting into a weapon for testing love. During the Spring Festival the previous year, Wang, who was working and living in Tianjin, returned to his hometown with his wife, Yang. When Yang met at the reunion, he met the old acquaintance Han. Yang and Han had had a relationship before. This meeting made them rekindled and the two frequently contacted.

Wang felt that his wife was a little uncomfortable. In order to find out, he faked the identity of a woman and actively added Han as a friend through WeChat. Wang wanted to test the development of Han and his wife. He did not expect Han to boast about the emotional development of Wang and his wife in Wechat, which made Wang feel jealous and worried.

Jealousy let Wang Mou fainted, he alone, not far from driving back to Nantong from Tianjin. He used the fake identity to come out to meet Han, and Han met with him without their knowledge. After meeting, Wang used a triangular knife carried by him to stab Han.

After the incident, Wang also drove back to Tianjin at night and was later pursued by the police on the Internet. This took the initiative to surrender to the public security agency. Because of alleged crimes of intentional assault, Wang Mou has now been transferred to the prosecution office for review and prosecution.

Alumni Association, really have such a great power? The Harvard Business School professor told the graduates that if you want to do something you like, you shouldn’t go to the 5th anniversary of the graduation because you’re in the toughest time and your classmates are mostly in the big companies. At the same 10th anniversary gathering, you don’t want to go. However, for a class reunion in 20 years, you can go and you will see that those who persist in dreams will have different lives from those who follow them.

75 Mr. Wu has been attending the class meeting for many years. He witnessed some of his classmates having an unusual meeting due to classmates’ meeting. He even talked about love in the underground, although it is unclear how the outcome will be after all. However, at least it can be confirmed: “The classmates will really distract some couples, even if it is a temporary mental separation.”

Old schoolmates who haven’t been seen for many years gather together because of the class reunion. We have a sense of freshness, and because we used to walk past a period of lush greenery, we know each other and know each other well. Many old classmates, because they have had a strong base before, only need to have a little idea on both sides. It is very easy to get the other person’s response. The original ambiguity and ambiguity is the so-called unfamiliar feelings. , of course, will take the opportunity to rekindle.

If it is because of the classmates that they have fallen into a hotbed of “rebirth” and endanger their respective families, I believe these are not the results we want. Is it true that the Alumni Association has become a “tumor” and we have to avoid it?

Although the reality of the “reunion, one-by-one, one-by-one” remains, it does not mean that the classmates will become a thing that everyone avoids. The purpose of the reunion is to connect with feelings of love, strengthen communication, and enhance friendship. If we all face the class meeting with the right attitude, we naturally will not have the so-called “tumor.”

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